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Vehicle Air Conditioning Servicing & Regassing

 Your air-conditioning system needs regular attention to ensure it works efficiently and effectively.

Over two thirds of all vehicles manufactured today come with air conditioning and climate control systems as standard.

Our technicians conduct free air conditioning temperature checks to ensure that your system is working correctly. If your system needs an antibacterial clean or a recharge, we can carry out the work while you wait. It doesn’t take long and once it’s done, your system will keep you cool for another two years.

Did you know?

Air conditioning doesn’t just provide in-car comfort during the hot summer months; it is good for demisting windows during the winter months too.   Air-con systems create dry warm air rather than the normal humid air from outside which can clear your windscreen much more quickly than your regular blowers.

We recommend having your car air conditioning system serviced with gas and lubricant every two years to keep it running efficiently.

10% of air-con gas permeates from the air-con system every year, which means that it may not work as well as it should.  It is recommended your air-con system is recharged with gas and lubricant every 2 years. This service is not part of routine vehicle servicing, so if your vehicle is more than 2 years old it’s probably due an air-con recharge.

Bedford Motor Services offers a complete air-conditioning recharge service; appointments are usually available on the same day. For your convenience, simply call us to book an appointment.

Air Con Recharge

The recharge process is quite simple and involves removing any old refrigerant gas and oil from your air-con system before replacing this with the correct amount of new refrigerant and lubricant as per your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation. A vacuum test is also performed to ensure there are no cracks or damage in your air-conditioning system that could cause the gas to leak out.

A recharge process is normally completed within an hour and you will once again have refreshing cool air on demand.

Air-con systems that are not recharged regularly will be less effective and have to work harder to produce cool air. This puts more strain on the engine and uses more fuel. If your air-con system has not been recharged in the past two years it will dramatically reduce efficiency.

Most manufacturers recommend that the air conditioning system is serviced every two years in order to replenish the liquids used by the system and to ensure all components are working correctly. Your car manual will give you the specific requirements for your car.

We can clean your car’s air conditioning system

We offer an anti-bacterial clean that removes harmful bacteria that builds up in the system and on the vents. This will also remove the unpleasant odours that can sometimes be emitted from vents.

Air conditioning checks are not part of your cars annual service so it’s up to you to have it checked, with any car over two years old able to benefit from a re-gas.

How often should my Air Conditioning be Recharged?

Air conditioning recharges and services should typically be carried out every two years, but it’s best to have your air conditioning checked as soon as you suspect that there might be a problem with the system, such as the temperature dropping, or an unusual smell coming from your system. A drop in gas pressure will result in a loss of cooling efficiency as well as making your engine work harder, which uses up more fuel.

Common tell-tale signs that you need to look out for:

The most common complaint with air conditioning comes when the vents stop blowing cold air. More often than not, this is the first sign your car is due an air conditioning re-gas. Our technicians check the air conditioning lubricant and refrigerant levels in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations to make it as good as new.

Look out for a musty smell coming from your car’s air conditioning; this is especially common if your air-con hasn’t been used for long periods and usually means that your air filter is in need of an anti-bacterial clean to remove any bacteria build up on your filters.